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I was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil recently and had a chance to visit one of the of the most iconic sites associated with the city. The Art Deco statue of Christ the Redeemer is perched atop Corcovado Mountain and is easily accessible from anywhere in the city. I booked an overpriced and mediocre tour, but you can do much better.

The tour I booked through Viator was $75 per person and here’s what was included:

  • Pick up and drop off – The tour bus picked us up in a designated location at a hotel a few blocks from where we were staying. Audio headsets were provided, which included commentary and factoids about landmarks along the way to pick up other members of the tour group before heading to the base of Corcovado Mountain.
  • Cog train ride and entrance tickets. Tickets for the tram are easily bought online or at kiosk locations in various neighborhoods. If you buy the tickets on your own, they are 56-68 Brazilian Reals depending on whether you are going during high season or low season. At the time of this post, that is between $18-22 (USD). At the top, you are left to explore on your own and take pictures.

After going through the experience of a packaged tour, I can provide recommendations for you to book your own arrangements to visit the statue.

Here are two easy options:

  • Take a taxi/Uber to the cog train/tram up the mountain – Book the tickets online and take your own private transportation there. Uber quoted me a price of 18-20 Brazilian Reals which is roughly $5-6 (USD) for a ride starting in Ipanema to the base of Corcovado Mountain. Our group skipped out on the return leg of the tour and took an Uber to a nearby restaurant.
  • Book one of the official vans – If you don’t care for the cog train experience then for the same price (56-68 BRL) of the cog train you can get picked up in Copacabana or other neighborhoods at slightly varying prices.

Entrance fees are included in either option.

If your visit concludes close to the evening rush hour, there might be a bit of traffic headed back to Ipanema or Copacabana. If that’s the case, I advise you to find a nearby spot for drinks or dinner.


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