Easy way to keep your miles and points from expiring.

miles and points

I recently got an e-mail from Southwest Airlines that I haven’t had any activity in my Rapid Rewards account since August 3rd, 2014 and if no activity is posted before August 3rd, 2016 all my miles will be forfeited. I generally don’t fly Southwest often but I do have some miles in my account. The miles expire after 24 months if no miles are earned. All I have to do to reset the expiration clock is earn any amount of miles.

The two most common ways to accrue miles are through flying or by using the branded credit card. I don’t have the credit card nor plan on flying Southwest before the expiration date.

So another easy option is to use the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards shopping portal (https://rapidrewardsshopping.southwest.com) in an online purchase. Many frequent flier programs have similar shopping portals that award you miles based on purchases made through the portal. What I generally do is look for things I’ll need to buy anyway such as toilet paper or shampoo at Walmart. I also make sure that it’s available for in-store pickup so I don’t have to worry about shipping costs.

Here’s a timeline of how I extended the expiration date on my miles:

  • Received e-mail stating my miles would expire 8/3/16
  • Logged onto shopping portal and bought a few household bath supplies at Walmart June 6th
  • Picked up the items at the store June 7th
  • June 14th the mileage activity posted to my account
  • 6/6/16 is now listed as the last activity on my account, expiration date reset to 6/6/18


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