Getting a head start on summer in Miami


In April, I took a weekend trip down to Miami to get a break from the cold weather; it was 45 degrees Fahrenheit when we left Newark Airport and a very enjoyable 88 degrees when my travel partner and I arrived in Miami. This trip involved very little cash outlay for the flight, hotel, and rental car.

We made use of the Southwest companion pass and used 11,552 points and paid $22.40 for the flight down to Fort Lauderdale (FLL).

I redeemed a free rental day award I had with National and paid $7.10 in taxes for the rental car.

We stayed at the Hilton Bentley in South Beach using a free night certificate. A weekend night at the property normally runs $300-400. Don’t mistakenly just type Bentley Hotel in Google Maps–you’ll end up at a different but similarly named hotel a few blocks away.

Our trip was on the first weekend of the month, so we took advantage of Bank of America’s Museums on Us to visit the Perez Art Museum for free.

Here’s our trip in pictures:

Tanya getting lost in the outdoor exhibit at the Perez Art Museum.

Fritas at El Mago De Las Fritas. This place is one of the top spots to get the Cuban style hamburger. President Obama visited unannounced in 2010.

Found another great Kelsey Montague mural at the Lincoln Road Mall promenade in Miami Beach.

Enjoyed some stone crabs at Izzy’s. Stone crabs are a regional delicacy in southern Florida.

Perfect beach weather.

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