How to use Skyscanner to find ridiculously cheap airfare


Looking for cheap flights is not difficult. Skyscanner is one of my favorite travel search engines for finding low and affordable airfares. Generally, most search sites are the same when it comes to searching for cheap airfare–you plug in where you want to go¬†along with the desired dates, and a list of the lowest airfares will generate. This works for travelers with a specific itinerary in mind.

There is a great feature on Skyscanner that allows you to leave the dates and/or the destination open-ended. I found my recent $68.20 round-trip fare for the weekend to Chicago when I plugged in dates for a weekend where my calendar was wide open.

skyscanner ny to everywhere
"There was nowhere to go but everywhere." - Jack Kerouac

You can use it as a gauge of how seasonal pricing varies for a particular destination.

skyscanner ny to paris
Looking at the cheapest flights from New York to Paris.
Cheapest one way ticket to anywhere.

Sometimes I just look for the cheapest one-way fare to any destination just to see what’s available and then use that as a starting point to plan a trip. Tip: There is always the option to use miles for the return trip if a cheap fare cannot be found.

skyscanner ny to everywhere results
This Bermuda fare looks interesting. Let's look further.

Turns out, a lot of airlines have cheap flights to Bermuda in May. The $79 flight may be the cheapest option, but I also found a direct flight that leaves on a Saturday morning for $83.

skyscanner ny to bermuda results
Two very appealing options with this search.

Return flights for the following Monday and Tuesday were priced at ~$170. Although ~$250 for an international flight to see the the pink slice of paradise is not terribly expensive, I would typically look through various options to redeem airline miles for the return flight to keep costs down.

Cheapest round trip ticket to anywhere.

Unless you have a ton of flexibility in your travel plans, you will find a lot of awkward dates and itineraries. Be persistent and keep searching–you will find great fares that work for you.

skyscanner ny to everywhere roundtrip results
Martinique looks promising. Let's take a look.

Exchanging the cold New York weather for a Caribbean island sounds tempting; doing so for less than $200 round trip would be amazing. Here is the itinerary it found:

skyscanner nyc to martinique results
$172 for one week with discount airline Norwegian on a direct flight.

You can stop here if the itinerary works for you. However, try adjusting the dates to see if there is anything that is either cheaper or would be a better fit for your schedule. I went to Norwegian’s website directly and found a handful of different options.

norwegian air jfk to fdf results
Don’t give up easily.

Skyscanner’s tool is based on flights found by other users recently. Airfare pricing can change all the time, so be sure to frequently check back for updates. The effort will pay off when you’re sipping that margarita on the beach.

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