Travel Items You Can Buy With Your FSA Account


If you have a flexible spending account or similar tax advantaged account here’s a list of eligible travel things you can buy that don’t require a prescription. With the year coming to an end this is the perfect time to use up remaining balances.

Shoe Insoles

A day of walking urban exploring or hiking can really take a toll on the feet. Grab a pair of insoles to cushion your feet better.

Motion Sickness Wristbands

My sister bought everyone these when we went on our Disney cruise. They’re essentially elastic bands with a plastic bead that puts pressure on a point on your wrist that is suppose to ease nausea from motion sickness. There are believers and skeptics to the whole science behind this but give it a try if you’re worried about motion sickness when traveling.

Suncreen Products

The rule is the products are FSA eligible if it has a SPF protection level of 15 or greater. The general recommendation is children should use sunscreen with higher levels of SPF protection than adults.

Insect repellent

Insect repellent is FSA eligible if it also includes offer SPF protection of 15 or greater.


Same deal here. If it has SPF protection, it’s eligible.

Lip balms

Regular lip balm with SPF protection is eligible. Tinted makeup lip balms with SPF 15+ is also eligible.

First Aid Kits

Get a travel kit and replace items in the kit you keep at home that have expired or were used.

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