Visit the Bird Habitat at Liberty State Park


If you’re looking for a nature adventure and a bit of seclusion in urban Jersey City, NJ during fall and winter check out Liberty State Park’s bird habitat. I grew up in Jersey City and didn’t find out about this place until recently. It’s only open October 1st to February 28th as to not disturb the nesting birds. With the recent great weather we’ve been having I decided to hike this last weekend. There’s even a beach!


The habitat is accessible from the south if you live in Port Liberte (or know someone who’ll let you park there) along with limited street parking on Chapel Ave.

The easier and way I took was to park in one of Liberty State Park’s free south parking lots and access the habitat from the north. If you put “Flag Plaza” into your GPS you should get the correct location. Flag Plaza is also a great public barbecue area too.

Getting there

Start walking by following the water and south past the golf course along the Hudson River Waterfront Walk (Google Map directions). It’s about 1.3 miles to get to the entrance.

Once you’re there the path will divide and you’ll see a sign for the habitat entrance.

Start walking down the path.

Walk all the way to the end and hop off. There’s a bit of brush here and somewhat of a path if you’re lucky.

You can see the way you came from on this side. There was a small path which made navigating the brush pretty easy.

Once you’re done here head back onto the elevated path that took you here and head back but before you turn hop off here and follow the path to the secluded beach (there was a woman walking her dog) and you’ll be treated to great views of the water and State of Liberty.


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